Terrific golf tips to improve your game

Golf tips from your caddy, wife/husband, best friend, neighbor, business associate, mother, lawyer or bartender...don't always work. Why?

You put forth a lot of energy as,you listen to every ones golf tips, you continue to practice, study, play and fret constantly about the game. In fact when you dream you can almost smell the greens.

You are super motivated because besides the desire to improve your game...you want to just once beat your irritating brother-in-law. So why can't you improve? Golfing....It's all in your mind, that's why.

Wait, we know what you must be thinking and no we aren't frustrated duffers from the miniature golfing ranks. Although it's not always easy to get past the water feature and windmill...we're just kidding with you. Not about the mind thing, that's real.

If you are here then you're looking for golf tips that will help you improve every aspect of your game. So we repeat a large part of your game is in your mind. A lack of confidence in your abilities, hurts your game, plain and simple.

What we offer are golf tips that will help strengthen that confidence, or lack of. We are going to share with you golf tips that cover every aspect of the game.

The successful outcome of all golf tips is for you to be able to enter "the zone". That rare time when you are one with the game. Your club becomes and unthinking extension of your arm...the perfect grip you don't even realize is happening....the relaxed stance as you address the ball...the natural swing which when it connects, explodes the ball off the tee.  All of this and more occurs while you are in "the zone".


 So what are some of the areas we are offering golf tips?

 Yes we are well aware that there are things called carts that you can drive and therefore you don't have to be on your feet for any great length of time. We also know that being physically fit aids in your technique as well as your mental attitude. So are you physically fit? What can you do to get or stay fit, check out some of our  ideas.

 When was the last time you looked into that bag of yours? Are the clubs all there? What condition are they in? How about your gloves? Do you know that the wear pattern of your gloves can tell you a lot about your swing? If you are slicing the ball look at your gloves....Yes we have golf tips to help prevent slicing.

What you wear and what shape your equipment is in has a direct impact on your game. But don't believe us. Next time you play a round trying wearing flip flops and a sombrero.

 There are tons of golf tips floating around the club house etc, to help with your swing, increase your power, putting, and every other aspect of the game. But which are best for you? Great question.

Not all golf tips are beneficial to...your....game. You must first decide what your weaknesses and strengths are. If your driving the ball to the green more times then not...why would you change what you are doing? The old adage don't fix what isn't broke works well here.

This site offers buckets of golf tips and we have no doubt that your game will improve as you follow them.  Just remember that every pro has the basic techniques down, its the execution  and their individual strengths added to those basics that make them great.

So our focus will be all about the basics and you can add the rest.

We would really like to receive your questions and opinions about what we cover here at www.sohelpmegolf.com . We would like to hear some of your golf tips that have helped you as well as any experiences on the links you would care to share.

We golfers know that playing this game is not about the score.....OK well maybe it is.  But we know that the experience and the challenges of the game are things that drive us to perfect what we do. So we encourage those who are just thinking about getting into the sport but might feel a little shy about asking how things are done.......ask away, as anyone who has ever swung a club  loves to share their golf tips.

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